Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bad Vibes and Vegetarians

I'm going to reveal a well-kept secret. It's well-kept because anyone who reveals it is going to offend quite a good portion of the general population. Here goes:

It's hard to be friends with vegetarians.

There, I said it. I mean, what's vegetarianism all about anyway? Granted, going green is good for you and in some cases, people do it for religous reasons but it sure ain't gonna help your social life! Things get really complicated when you have vegetarians as friends.

To be fair, I've never really known a catty vegetarian or a bitchy vegetarian or even a very gossipy vegetarian. In fact, they all seem to have really calm, peaceful personalities (probably because they're vegetarian!) They're great as friends... that is until you have to have a meal with them. It's just hard work eating with vegetarians because you've always got to remember that they can't eat this, that or the other!

In uni, we had a couple of these vegetarians hanging around the rest of us meat-eaters. Our campus was 20 km away from the nearest big town and it was always a big treat to go there for lunch on weekends.

Then these vegetarians would somehow find out about our plans (despite our best efforts at keeping it a secret) and invite themselves. For some reason everyone was always dying for Kentucky Fried Chicken but the vegetarians would ruin everything. We usually ended up eating chinese vegetarian food which isn't all that bad but it isn't KFC either!

I remembered that particular episode because Girlfriend recently put together a seafood dinner for a bunch of us at her place. There is this one Indian guy who is nice in every other respect except for the fact that he's a dratted vegetarian.

I had to cook a special dish for him which, I think, didn't turn out very well. This was not because I had added to much salt or anything but because it was filled with bad vibes - I complained and grumbled the entire time the pot was on the stove. Then I felt so guilty about it because he seemed so sincerely grateful that I had put in the extra effort. Poor guy!

To be fair most vegetarians don't really expect special attention and will gladly eat whatever they get their hands on but it's a bit cruel if you're chomping on your Big Mac while your vegetarian friend picks on a potato salad, isn't it?

Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing here but anyone who has had to plan a barbeque for 20 normal people and one vegetarian is definitely going to sympathise with me!


Sha said...

awww... You're making me feel really bad... cos i really dont give a snot when my vegeeatingpeople decide to crash my carniverous parties... they can eat the lawngrass...
yes, im really mean.

goingRAWr! said...

now i know how you omnivores REALLY feel about us! :P

we certainly don't expect special treatment so just get over your worries about what we're eating. trust me, we're usually very happy with nothing.

now that i'm raw vegan and used to smaller food servings, i sometimes will go out and not eat anything. i don't see why it's such a big deal for everyone! i'm happy to not eat..

i actually find that with being vego/ vegan or raw, the HARDEST thing is the social issues, because people are always either telling you you're crazy or worrying about what you're eating. it's very uncomfortable actually. my lifestyle choice shouldn't affect yours.

in fact, if you think about it, i should be worrying about what you're eating (i.e. meat)and your health!

but ok, we are pains in asses, because people do CARE and worry and fret that they aren't being good hosts. plus, i don't provide meat when people come over to my house- but they always leave very full and satisfied with what i've made! :P

sha.. i'd rather eat lawngrass than a piece of animal thanks :P as long as your lawngrass is organic hahaha!

:) miin
(tongue in cheek lah, tongue in cheek)

Anonymous said...

the lawngrass is definitely organic, deary. No chemical fertiliser there!!!




Trisha said...

You see, vegetarianism really does affect people's personality!

Notice GoingRawr's selflessness with her "don't worry about me" attitude.

Then there's Sha and her 'organic lawngrass' thing ; ) Don't feel bad lah Sha! I totally do what you do or very reluctantly cook bad-vibe vegetarian dishes!

Poor vegetarians who have to put up with us carnivores : )