Monday, April 16, 2007

The Edge of Heaven

This probably means that I'm old but I remember a time when the word gay meant just that - gay. It didn't describe a lifestyle choice or sexual orientation. It just meant happy.

That was the time when gay people where described as queer and the guys from Queer Eye would have met the same fate as the Jake Gyllenhaal's character on Brokeback Mountain.

The other day a bunch of us who grew up in the 80s were discussing how silly we were not to have picked up that something was different about George Michael. I'm talking about George Michael as he originally appeared on the world stage - as one half of Wham!

I had such a HUGE crush on those guys! I couldn't decide whom I loved more - George Michael or Andrew Ridgeley (the talentless half of the duo whom I suspect played 'air' guitar most of the time). I actually cried when they released their final album, Edge of Heaven. I was such a geek!

How could we have collectively missed that George Michael was gay, gay, gay?! Just look at him during his Wham! days:

Even if we were all totally ignorant in the 80s, I still didn't catch on in the 90s:

You could use the guy's beard in geometry class coz it's so straight! Little did I know that that was the only straight thing about him. In fact, I was totally caught off guard when it finally came out that he'd come out of the closet. I felt almost like he'd cheated me out of all my girlhood dreams.... I was such a big fan.

But no matter how stupid and ignorant we all were back in the 80s, the youth of the previous generation must feel even more stupid and ignorant. I'm refering to the Village People. Just look at what they missed:

Even if everyone else in the group seemed okay, the guy in the blue shirt, the cowboy and the policeman should have given people some sort of indication that these weren't just ordinary guys!
The innocence of youth - sometimes that's a good thing and at other times it just means that George Michael and the Village People are able to pull wool over your eyes for decades!


delphynus said...

did u catch on about those guys from the boy band era? there seems to be one in every group...
-steve from boyzone
-lance from nsync
-one of the westlife
-think there's one from take that
-the backstreet boys are still hiding in their closets...who knows when one of them will decide to jump out?

i understand what u mean by 'feeling cheated'...haha...


Trisha said...

You're so right! I never thought of that. It almost seems to be a prerequisite of boy bands, huh? I always thought it was Justin Timberlake who seemed kinda gay during his nsync days (the curly hair was terrible!) but I guess I was wrong. So much for my gaydar : )

delphynus said...

don't worry, sometimes the gaydar doesn't beep too well in me too!


but it'll be back...