Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Little/Bad Little Blogger

I think whoever's been reading this blog (all four of you and one of the four of you is me!) would have realized that, of late, I've been a Good Little Blogger and posting quite regularly.

I told myself that if I was going to maintain this blog, I shouldn't do a half past six job of it (hey I haven't heard the 'half past six' phrase since my music teacher used it on me when I was 9!).

In line with my new goal, I've been leaving my computer on and writing whenever inspiration hit me ala Carrie in Sex and the City.

I must say that Carrie was onto something coz it has really helped me blog regularly but there's soon to be a monkey wrench in the works (I'm just full of stupid phrases today, aren't I?!)

I'm leaving for KL again tomorrow! While I'm all "woo hoo" about it, I know from experience that my blogging almost comes to a complete halt when I get back home.

What with all the shopping for essential supplies (let me tell you Body Shop is closer to me in my dreams than it is to me in Dar so I practically have to buy the whole place up when I'm home!) and meeting friends and family, I hardly have time to breathe let alone blog. Plus it's a mission to get online at home when I don't have my computer with me.

So, there goes my nice, regular blogging pattern. This means that despite my best efforts, I'm once again a Bad Little Blogger.

What can I say, the universe is conspiring against me!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Totally Gross Behaviour

I was out with some friends a few weeks back when one of them did something that TOTALLY grossed me out!

No, he didn't pick his nose in public or throw up coz he'd ingested too much alcohol (although these also rank very highly on my Totally Gross Behaviour list). He did something that I'd never do in a million years - he picked a piece of chicken off the floor, where it had fallen and ate it!!!! Eeeeewwww!!!!

How absolutely appalling! Why do some people think that they're immune to all the ghastly bacteria, worms, insects, bugs and other unmentionables that lurk in the dark regions of the ground beneath their feet?

It doesn't mean that if you can't see it, it isn't there!

I suppose it's the same "nothing bad will ever happen to me" thinking shared by chain-smokers and people who practise unsafe sex.

Still, who am I to judge? People who know me think I practically have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to cleanliness (but these are the people who haven't met my mother!)
Besides, my friend seemed none the worse for the wear so maybe I'm being too much of a pain in the arse!

Besides, I think my bad habit of pointing out the negatives of not living a super clean life isn't going to win me any friends.

I remember when Trixie and I used to work in the same office and she'd walk around without her shoes on, sometimes. She wore impossibly high and fabulously wonderful heels that rendered her paralysed from the ankles down if she didn't take them off every few hours.

She was perfectly comfortable prancing around on the office carpet, all happy and barefooted until I pointed out that that was the very same carpet that other people trod on after going to the office toilet and stepping on pee or worse! Yuckity yuck!

She never took off her shoes again, let me tell you but I think she secretly wanted to choke me for ruining her blissful ignorance!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Owen and Mzee

I was watching Oprah recently when this picture came up on screen.

Isn't that one of the cutest photographs you've ever seen in your entire life? The story behind it is even cuter.

Apparently the baby hippo, Owen, was left homeless and orphaned after floods hit Kenya in 2005. Rescuers picked him up and housed him in a nearby wildlife sanctuary. The enclosure Owen ended up in already had another inhabitant - a 130 year-old-tortoise called Mzee (which means old man in Swahili).

The two became fast friends within days and are together all the time.

What really struck me about the story is that two animals, who don't have anything in common, can get along so well.

This might sound ridiculously naive but I've decided that if Owen and Mzee can be friends then anyone can.

From now on, everytime I'm ready to strike someone off as 'not friend material' or just plain annoying, I'm going to think of Owen and Mzee.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...and the rest shall remain nameless!

I was at a party recently when, out of nowhere, one of the ladies there rushed over and said "Hello Trisha, how are you doing?!"

Instantly, I felt the familiar rush of panic accompanied by the feeling of wanting to run away quickly and never return. This was not because the lady looked grotesquely inhuman and had obscenely bad breath but simply because I just could not remember her name!

I have the world's worst memory when it comes to names. For some unfathomable reason I just cannot remember people's names! Faces are fine. I can always recognize a face but if you were to ask me to attach a name to it, I'd sooner be able to win American Idol while yodelling a Bollywood number and dancing around a tree.

The lady at the party looked really friendly and I was sure that we had been properly introduced but I had no idea what her name was - not a an idea, not a clue, not an inkling.

Unfortunately, most people who encounter my hesitation in speaking to them mistakenly believe that I'm something of a snob and eventually leave me alone. I'm left feeling even worse because, often, I'd really love to talk to them if I could just remember their darned names!

I have no idea how to ask them politely because they usually use my name in the conversation which means that they took the trouble to remember it! Instead, I stand there sweating, wondering how in the world I'm going to keep the conversation short enough so I don't have to address them in any way.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) there are loads of other people who have the same problem.

After the lady at the party left, I turned to my friend to ask her the woman's name. She'd just had a ten minute conversation with the mystery woman herself and judging from the witty repartee and laughter, I thought they knew each other pretty well.

My friend looked at me and said: "I was going to ask you. I just can't remember!"

Poor, nameless soul!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Chocolate and bananas

Just a passing thought....

Why do people love the chocolate and banana combination? I find cooked banana (with the exception of pisang goreng) way too gooey and even if it's not gooey, the chocolate makes the whole concoction taste weird.

I was fooled into eating a chocolate banana cake once coz it looked really yum but I lived to regret.

Chocolate and banana - weird!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The award for Best Mug Shot goes to...

I've been extremely lax with my posts and it's totally unforgivable but I do have an explanation for my bad blogging behaviour.

One of my best girlfriends here in Tanzania has left for South Africa - for good!!! *Sob* Girlfriend was the one who hauled me out of my miserable homesick gloom when I first got here and was missing my best girlfriend from back home - Trixie.

Life isn't going to be the same for me here but perhaps I should take it as a way to grow and when you have fewer friends and more time what do you do? Blog, of course!

Which brings me to today's subject. Since I feel kind of low and can't think of anything new to write, I'll be lazy and continue on my previous topic - Prison Paris! I'm sure you've figured out by now that Paris is a subject I just love to hate.

I glanced at my Yahoo! homepage this morning and discovered that the Ditzy Diva is now safely in prison but that doesn't seem to be the main point of focus. Apparently there are far more important things to consider than why Paris is in prison or even how (and what) she's doing behind bars.

The crucial issue at this point centres around how Paris, even as a jailbird, has managed to top a celebrity list. No, it's not the best-dressed, sexiest or even party-girl list. Naaawwww.... she's moved on to a far more fascinating list - the Celebrity Mug Shot List.Even while being photographed by the police, the air-head heiress just couldn're resist looking her best for the camera.

Now, this where I'd normally be spewing out sarcastic comments a mile a minute but for once I must say that I that she really does look good in her police pics!

You wouldn't even know that was her mug shot if someone didn't tell you.

Sadly, the same can't be said for some other celebrities who've been caught in less than classy circumstances.

Let's start with Nick Nolte. I don't know what crime he committed to have his mug shot taken but I do know that he's definitely committed a crime of fashion. Even among all the other ugly, flowered shirts I've seen, this one stands out as the ugliest of all!

And his 'before' pic:

Alright, he wasn't that much to look at in the first place but anything's an improvement when it's compared to his mug shot - horrible!
Next we have Yasmeen Bleeth a former Baywatch Babe (goodness gracious!)

It's especially sad when you compare it to her 'before' pic:

While we're on the topic of mug shots and police, let's not forget Robert Downey Jr (oops!) :

Terribly sad downgrade from his before pic:

So Ms. Hilton really is kind of smart to make sure she looks good in her mug shots coz, forevermore, when the world Googles Downey, Nolte and Bleeth everyone'll see them looking like what the cat threw up yesterday. Meanwhile, Paris is going to be all smug coz her mug's the best one of all!

*pics courtesy of Yahoo! and Google images