Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The award for Best Mug Shot goes to...

I've been extremely lax with my posts and it's totally unforgivable but I do have an explanation for my bad blogging behaviour.

One of my best girlfriends here in Tanzania has left for South Africa - for good!!! *Sob* Girlfriend was the one who hauled me out of my miserable homesick gloom when I first got here and was missing my best girlfriend from back home - Trixie.

Life isn't going to be the same for me here but perhaps I should take it as a way to grow and when you have fewer friends and more time what do you do? Blog, of course!

Which brings me to today's subject. Since I feel kind of low and can't think of anything new to write, I'll be lazy and continue on my previous topic - Prison Paris! I'm sure you've figured out by now that Paris is a subject I just love to hate.

I glanced at my Yahoo! homepage this morning and discovered that the Ditzy Diva is now safely in prison but that doesn't seem to be the main point of focus. Apparently there are far more important things to consider than why Paris is in prison or even how (and what) she's doing behind bars.

The crucial issue at this point centres around how Paris, even as a jailbird, has managed to top a celebrity list. No, it's not the best-dressed, sexiest or even party-girl list. Naaawwww.... she's moved on to a far more fascinating list - the Celebrity Mug Shot List.Even while being photographed by the police, the air-head heiress just couldn're resist looking her best for the camera.

Now, this where I'd normally be spewing out sarcastic comments a mile a minute but for once I must say that I that she really does look good in her police pics!

You wouldn't even know that was her mug shot if someone didn't tell you.

Sadly, the same can't be said for some other celebrities who've been caught in less than classy circumstances.

Let's start with Nick Nolte. I don't know what crime he committed to have his mug shot taken but I do know that he's definitely committed a crime of fashion. Even among all the other ugly, flowered shirts I've seen, this one stands out as the ugliest of all!

And his 'before' pic:

Alright, he wasn't that much to look at in the first place but anything's an improvement when it's compared to his mug shot - horrible!
Next we have Yasmeen Bleeth a former Baywatch Babe (goodness gracious!)

It's especially sad when you compare it to her 'before' pic:

While we're on the topic of mug shots and police, let's not forget Robert Downey Jr (oops!) :

Terribly sad downgrade from his before pic:

So Ms. Hilton really is kind of smart to make sure she looks good in her mug shots coz, forevermore, when the world Googles Downey, Nolte and Bleeth everyone'll see them looking like what the cat threw up yesterday. Meanwhile, Paris is going to be all smug coz her mug's the best one of all!

*pics courtesy of Yahoo! and Google images


Lil' Miss Easydent said...

when it comes to looking good, i'm pretty sure paris is prepared at any given time. that's the only thing she does best. well, the only thing she does, besides getting into jail :P

Trisha said...

He he he! But did you hear that she's already out of jail? Check

Everyone's now up in arms as to whether she should go back to jail or not. I would have thought that issues such as poverty and global warming would be more of a priority but I guess not!