Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Little/Bad Little Blogger

I think whoever's been reading this blog (all four of you and one of the four of you is me!) would have realized that, of late, I've been a Good Little Blogger and posting quite regularly.

I told myself that if I was going to maintain this blog, I shouldn't do a half past six job of it (hey I haven't heard the 'half past six' phrase since my music teacher used it on me when I was 9!).

In line with my new goal, I've been leaving my computer on and writing whenever inspiration hit me ala Carrie in Sex and the City.

I must say that Carrie was onto something coz it has really helped me blog regularly but there's soon to be a monkey wrench in the works (I'm just full of stupid phrases today, aren't I?!)

I'm leaving for KL again tomorrow! While I'm all "woo hoo" about it, I know from experience that my blogging almost comes to a complete halt when I get back home.

What with all the shopping for essential supplies (let me tell you Body Shop is closer to me in my dreams than it is to me in Dar so I practically have to buy the whole place up when I'm home!) and meeting friends and family, I hardly have time to breathe let alone blog. Plus it's a mission to get online at home when I don't have my computer with me.

So, there goes my nice, regular blogging pattern. This means that despite my best efforts, I'm once again a Bad Little Blogger.

What can I say, the universe is conspiring against me!

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Phillip said...

25th June that is a long time for good little blogger, but then again with all the leker food places in KL, how wants to write with a mouth full?

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

keep blogging! ;)

Sarclover said...


keep blogging, people drop here more often than you think..:)