Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Self Praise is No Praise

I know I justified my long silences between posts by insisting that well-thought out blogging is better than fly-by-night kind of blogging but I've decided that I was talking a fair amount of crap.

Let's face it, blogging, at its core, is about recording thoughts and thoughts can range from the deeply profound to just plain stupid.

So, here I am getting off my high horse with a meaningless thought I had today.It's about cooking or to be more accurate, cooking programmes.

How in the world do chefs who appear on TV (and I include the greats like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson) manage to praise their own cooking without flinching? They all savour their food in front of the camera and proclaim with much enthusiasm, that it tastes "delicious" or "gorgeous" or "simply divine." They do this in almost every episode and without fail I think how silly and slightly bizarre they sound!

I know, they can't very well put the food they've just prepared into their mouths, spit it out and scream "that was absolutely ghastly!", even if it tastes like rotting garbage. After all, they are trying to get people to try their recipes, watch their shows and buy their cookbooks.

Still, I can't help but feel that they're a little too quick to applaud themselves when they do it. Why don't they get someone else to taste the stuff and congratulate them fabulous cooking instead? It might still seem fake but at least it wouldn't be self-praise.

If I were to do what they do, I'd have to get in front of a camera, read aloud from this blog and proclaim at the end that my writing is "simply divine!" How absurd!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Woes of Keeping in Touch

Hellow again after my looooongggg hiatus.

I'm telling you, my lack of fluidity when it comes to emailing, blogging and generally keeping in touch is really going to lose me some friends!

I just had a look at my email (after about 3 weeks of not even glancing at it back in KL) and realized that some people who had been emailing me sweetly and regularly have now totally disappeared from the radar of my inbox. Even after I replied their mails!

That's the problem with people like me. I hardly ever reply emails or leave comments on other people's blogs (although I read them regularly) and yet I have the cheek to expect everyone else to pounce on their computers and hammer out comments and emails to me the instant I send out a measly email or write a post in my blog.

The problem with keeping in touch is the keeping in touch part. Emails and phone calls often make me miss people even more, not less. People don't realize that the lack of emails etc are by no means an indication that they're not thought of fondly or missed terribly by me. Okay, that sounds like an excuse but it's true!

Same goes with blogging. I love reading the comments (often just 'comment' without the s but I cherish it nonetheless) at the end of my posts but my lack of consistency must come across as a 'couldn't care less' attitude which I suppose is highly off-putting.

In my defense, I don't really believe in staying in touch solely through forwarded email jokes and one-liner blog posts. Jokes interspresed with proper emails are fine but some people seem to believe that sending silly jokes all the time constitutes a proper way to stay in touch with someone whom they clearly couldn't be arsed to sit down and write to properly!

One line blog posts are okay but isn't it better to read irregular meaningful posts that have been thought through than regular posts that are, frankly, just nonsense?

Right, sounds like I'm defending my irregular, inconsistent blogging behaviour again so I think I'll just shut up now!

Honestly, I really envy people who consistently and persistently stay glued to their computers and through rain, sleet, snow and storm stay in touch, stay online and stay connected to everyone they know and love.

I wish I was that good but meanwhile, I'll just have to bumble along and hope people will still love me despite my no-good inconsistent ways!