Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Are you sure you don't have kids?

I was talking to a new friend today and we happened to get to the topic of having children. I thought I'd had it bad when people asked why I haven't had kids yet (they're usually quite interrogatory and pushy about the whole thing)

This friend of mine has definitely faced worse. Apparently when someone she just met asked her if she had kids and she said no, this person asked her, "are you sure?"

What kind of a remark is that? It's almost like it simply cannot be true that a married woman of a certain age does not have kids. There must be something WRONG with her, right?

After all, which woman on this earth could resist this:

I suppose it's easier for people to accept that such women have, in fact, had children and this has simply escaped their notice rather than to face that these women knowingly don't have children.

So weird!

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Sha said...

I can resist that... *points to picture*
That's a smelly radio tuned in to static. ALL THE TIME.

Trisha said...

I must applaud you on your highly original(and accurate) description of kiddies!

You're a girl after my own heart *grins*