Monday, August 27, 2007

I like documentaries - yikes!

The good news is, I've survived the Weird African Flu thingee! Boy, it's good to be alive!

The bad news is, I'm behind on some writing and have to drag myself out of my lazy stupor.

I've gotten used to feeling vaguely ill and lying around in front of the TV. Now that I'm all better and therefore have no excuse to do that anymore, I find myself faced with the unattractive prospect of getting up off my arse and getting to work.

Who knew illness could be so much fun?

Despite my general delight with the squandered time in front of the TV, I'm glad to report that it wasn't a complete waste. While frittering away the hours, I chanced upon a very sudden and rather bothersome insight about myself.

I've discovered that I just LOVE documentaries.

I suppose that doesn't really sound bothersome and might actually be a good thing but in my mind that's a definite sign of..... Old Age!! Argggghhh!

Think about it - kids, teenagers and young adults either have no interest in documentaries or have no time to watch them (because they're out living their lives and having fun)

So, while The History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic might be highly intelligent and informative choices for the TV viewer (especially if you give Girls of the Playboy Mansion on E! a miss), it doesn't say much about your social life and even less about your age.

Let's face it - no one below 30 voluntarily tunes in to documentaries. Goodness knows, I certainly didn't. In fact, the very word 'documentary' used to make me feel bored. No kidding!

I think this is a sign that I should get out and live a little. Unless, of course, Discovery comes up with something like How To Stay Young After 30.....

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