Monday, August 13, 2007

TV is good for you

To the people who say that watching TV is a bad habit - I say to you (as Mr. Burns would) bosh, flimshaw!!!

TV, like chocolate, has had a bad reputation for far too long and I predict that, like chocolate, some scientist somewhere is going to prove that watching TV is actually good for you.

To prove my point, below, is the impressive list of the things I learned from watching TV yesterday:

1. Cardamoms are one of the most expensive spices because they are difficult to grow and must be hand-picked
2. Saffron is actually the stigma of these gorgeous flowers:

They're also one of the most expensive spices because it takes hundreds of these flowers to produce just 100gms of saffron

3. The world is coming to an end sometime in 2012. This is according to the ancient Mayans, the book of Revelations, the medieval predictions of Merlin and something called the Web-bot project which makes massive scans of the internet (just Google 2012 and you'll see what I'm talking about)

4. The ancient Aztecs of Mexico made human sacrifices every, single day and actually reached into the chest cavity of their hapless victims and tore out their hearts. Plus they apparently had some of them for dinner after.

5. According to renowned diver Jacques Cousteau, two-foot long frogs were to be found in Lake Titicaca.

Of course, I had to watch a Whole Lot of TV to get these bits of information
Of course most of this information isn't going to help me much unless I enter a gameshow based on meaningless trivia or wish to impress the unsuspecting public on my vast knowledge about nothing in particular.
Of course most of that information had flown out of my head this morning and I had to look up the details on the net
Of course all that TV watching made my eyes feel tired and made me feel lazy all day.

But I stand by what I said - TV is good for you. Besides, as Joey from Friends said - where would all your living room furniture be pointed at if you didn't have a TV?

TV, bad for you? Bosh, flimshaw!

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