Saturday, September 15, 2007


Oh no! *screams*!

I nearly died when I logged on to this blog a few hours ago and found that my entire template had disappeared! I was deeply thankful that the entire blog hadn't gone Bermuda Triangle on me as well.

That's why there's this new image all of a sudden. I've been meaning to update the look for sometime now and it looks like the Universe has decided that it's going to be today.

Overall, I'm still not too pleased with what I've got but it's going to have to do for the moment. I've been sitting in at the computer for ages and just looked up to realize that it's dark and The Engineer is hungry so I've gotta go!

I've lost all of the links that we had (Trixie put them up) and have had to deal with a WHOLE LOT of HTML which really, really, really sucks big time!

On the upside, I've edited my Profile which I've been meaning to do and I'm planning to add new page elements soon.

Told you I've been at this for so hours... I sound like a proper Obsessed Blogger now!

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