Saturday, September 15, 2007

World Wide Web-oholic

I had no idea how much my life depended upon the smooth, uninterrupted running of the Internet until I had it suddenly snatched away from me last week.

The people who were supposed to renew my subscription took an age and a day to get the job done. I'm here to say that the Malaysian 'lepak' attitude seems positively industrious compared to the Tanzanian 'pole pole' (meaning slowly, slowly in Swahili).

While the Tanzanian Internet people took their pole pole time, I found myself feeling perplexed and groundless...constantly, mournfully glancing at my blank computer screen. This is what druggies and alcoholics must feel like!

Like all junkies, I was all irritable and nasty, getting a little desperate, looking for my next fix. I was just thinking of driving out to the atrociously priced Dar Es Salaam Holiday Inn to log on, when the net was reconnected!

I wonder what the hell we all did with ourselves before the Internet took over our lives? The harsh realities of life are so much more bearable when I'm comfortable ensconced within the World Wide Web.

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