Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boys's Night Out

Boys' Night Out. Three little words that I have never really understood . I've always believed that Boys Behaving Badly would be a more appropriate term to describe the antics that these boys (and sometimes elderly men) get up to when they all go out together to drink themselves into a coma.

I've happened to be at pubs when some of these Boys' Night Out gangs appear. They usually start off thumping each other on the back and looking pleased with themselves. After a while and a substantial amount of alcohol things start getting a little out of hand. That's when the whooping and whistling at everything that looks vaguely like a woman begins (this activity is often mighty dangerous in bars in Asia and especially Thailand where there are many lovely ladies who are lads).

As the night wears on, the thumping and whooping carries on, albeit, louder and in a more rowdy fashion. Eventually, someone decides that he wants to 'get some action' and cheered on by the others, makes his drunken way toward an unsuspecting woman somewhere in the bar.

Normally some kind of bet (the prize usually being more alcohol) will be involved. If the would-be Romeo is lucky, the woman is as drunk as he is and might actually allow herself to be pursued. If the Romeo is really lucky, this woman won't turn out to be a man.

I've had the wicked pleasure of witnessing one such drunken idiot approach and begin to chat up a man pretending to be a woman. Supported enthusiastically by his pals, the rather geriatric fellow proceeded to buy the "woman" a drink. I have no idea if his friends knew the truth and just wanted to watch the fun or if they were too smashed to know or care.

I'm pretty sure that the old geezer who was doing the chatting up was by no means gay. I'm also pretty sure that he didn't notice the "woman's" Adam's apple because he was by no means sober. I suppose I can't blame an inebriated geriatric if he attempts to pick up someone who looks like the one on the left without knowing that she's actually the one on the right:

I saw them leave the bar together a little later that night. Something tells me that, if the old dude had not had a fatal cardiac arrest after discovering the truth, that little escapade wouldn't stop him from making a fool of himself all over again in the following Boys' Night Out. That's the thing about men, they're not quitters. If they make a fool of themselves the first time, it never stops them from trying again!

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