Monday, October 22, 2007

The "Pig" and the "Comb-Over"

I know I watch too much E! and not enough CNN/BBC so I tuned in to CNN this morning hoping to absorb some knowledge about Seriously Important World Events (it would be nice to think about the state of world economics or finance for a change and not the state of Britney Spears underwear situation - panties-no panties,panties-no panties)

Unfortunately, my attempt at avoiding entertainment news totally failed when I happened to be just in time to catch Larry King Live. It would have been fine if Larry had Barrack Obama or Hilary Clinton as a guest but guess who Larry was interviewing today? None other than the very outspoken and in-your-face Donald (as in Trump) sporting, as always, his even more in-your-face hairdo(n't).

I stayed tuned hoping that The Donald might still assuage my sudden and inexplicable thirst for Seriously Important World Events by spewing worthy information about - say- the rise and fall of the real estate market and how it affects the American economy ( I seem to be obsessed today with economy or some reason).

I presume he'd been invited to appear on Larry's show to promote his new book Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life but there seemed to be very little talk about the book. Instead he sat there, with his unfortunate hairdo, going on about...celebrities! Despite myself, I was intrigued. The Donald isn't known for being shy and today, he outdid himself.

He proceeded to describe Angelina Jolie as not very beautiful, George Clooney as not very tall and Rosie O'Donnell as a pig (its harsh but Rosie isn't exactly svelte).

I looked it up and apparently there was a huge feud with Rosie last year and the two have been verbally sparring ever since.... much like how kids in a kindergarten argue over who should get the larger biscuit at break time.

They degenerated into calling each other names with Rosie calling Donald a pimp and a 'comb-over' and Donald calling Rosie a slob and a mental-midget ( I must say if this were a contest on meanness, Donald's insults are much better than Rosie's - not to mention more entertaining!)

I can't imagine why grown men and women would stoop to this level. Maybe its just publicity or maybe they're really crass people who happen to have fame and money. Either way, its all highly amusing!

I immediately turned to the E! channel after Donald's interview with Larry ended. Who gives a @#$$ about world economics when you can entertain yourself with a battle between a pig and a comb-over!

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Anonymous said...

Trump is a rump about lots of things.

He should check out this toupee page to realize his hair is a joke and he'd be better off with a bald head!