Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eye of cicak and Leg of kodok

It's almost Christmas but a Dear Friend of mine seems to have missed Santa's Little Helper and run into Satan's Little Helper instead...

Dear Friend recently moved into a rented house with two friends. She's known these two for quite some time. The 3 got along famously so there shouldn't be any problems living under the same roof, right? Wrong! It took just a few weeks for Dear Friend to realize that she'd made the mistake of signing a deal ( in this case the lease to a house) with Satan's Little Helper!

One of the housemates (i.e Satan's Little Helper) has two dogs (the itty-bitty Paris Hilton-ey kind from what I gather) and keeps them locked up in his room all day, every day! He's hardly ever at home (his job keeps him out of the house for hours at a time and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning)

This is just plain cruelty toward animals. The dogs whine and cry in SLH's room whenever Dear Friend is at home and her heart breaks everytime she hears them. Because of their strange living conditions neither one of the dogs use the potty properly and wee all over the place whenever they're allowed out of their prison cell aka SLH's bedroom.

So, not only has Dear Friend got to listen to the poor dogs crying, she's got to put up with dog wee inside the house as well - phew! SLH, meanwhile, seems to have no problems with the whole situation and was very flippant (and annoyed) when Dear Friend talked to him about the sorry scenario.

She's really at her wit's end and my heart goes out to her. She thought about alerting the SPCA but we all know what happens to dogs/cats who aren't adopted within a short period - they're put down. I don't know which is worse - giving the two dogs a slim chance at the SPCA or keeping them alive but unhappy with SLH?

Some choices just aren't easy.

This made me think about how little we really know the people we think we know. SLH seemed like a decent sort to Dear Friend until she shared living space with him. Now she just wants to strangle him.

If a friendship can so easily go to the dogs (no pun intended) what chance do marriages have? At least Dear Friend has an option of moving out of the house. No messy divorce, no division of assets, no lawyer's fees. Marriages aren't that easy to escape from.

I used to think that people who advocated living together before tying the knot were spewing rubbish but now I'm beginning to wonder...maybe they had it right all along?

Who knows? Your partner may seem so together and wonderful out in public or when they're alone with you for relatively short periods of time. Meanwhile, unbeknown to you, a cauldron with eye of cicak (lizard) and leg of kodok(toad) could be smoldering in their bedroom, ready to dish out to unsuspecting victims. If you're really unlucky - you could be unknowingly ingesting some yourself!

Pyschos, black-magic practitioner's and assorted other wackos have an inexplicable talent for appearing perfectly normal in public. You'll only find out that they might be Satan's Little Helper when it's too late. Unfortunately, there are times when tying the knot really is akin to tying a noose around your neck!

If you really can't bring yourself to live together with your intended before you make it legal (personally, I couldn't!), may I suggest that you take a long (at least a week) holiday alone with this person? After all, even Satan's Little Helper would find it difficult to hide their evil ways for an extended period of time!

So beware boys and girls... your chunk of hunk or delicious doll may not be all that they seem...don't say I didn't warn you!

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