Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Don't Love Small Cities!

I can't believe I'm back in The Land Of No Aldo. I had SUCH a fantastic time in South Africa - Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Cape Town is unbelievably beautiful. It was all mountains and ocean and came complete with all those snooty types lounging about on the 'better' beaches. Many looked like they had been plastic surgeon-ed to within an inch of their lives but it made great people-watching material (you could spend your time sipping your wine and playing 'spot the person with the most plastic' all evening)

Johannesburg was a different affair. It's an enormous, impersonal city but I'm a city girl and I can handle it. Even the traffic jams didn't seem so terrible because all the roads were fully tar-ed! Imagine that!

Like icing on a cake the weather was cool, cool, cool! In fact, Jo'berg was rather cold and it rained a lot of the time but I didn't care. I was 10 minutes away from a mall - it any direction. Woo hoo!

Yes, it was glorious to be back in civilization for a while. It was so good that I had to hold back tears when I left (plus The Engineer and I met up with two of our really, really good South African friends and I have no idea when we'll see them again).I wished really hard (eyes tightly shut) that we would somehow, magically, be able to extend the trip for another week.

Wishing isn't going to make it happen so here I am again back in Tanzania. Hot, shimmering sun, dusty roads and no malls to speak of.... and I'll have to go back to brainwashing myself that The Land of no Aldo is something that I can live with....sigh!

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