Friday, January 11, 2008

Fighting the Flu

I cannot believe how annoying this stupid flu is! I've been fighting off this weird strain of what must only be an especially stubborn African flu virus (I dare not think of it being any other kind of virus *shudder*!)

I remember feeling slightly ill just before new year and it's the 11th today and I'm still feeling slightly ill.

The good news is, I get to lie around and feel sorry for myself with little to no guilt. The bad news is, I was all set to start the New Year with a fabulous diet so that I could unveil my fabulous new self the next time I was back in KL. Well...that's gone to pot now!

I have no appetite but have been forcing myself to eat just so I can get the medicine down. I tried sticking to low calorie foods ( drinking just fruit juices and that sort of thing) but soon discovered that it didn't seem to perk me up at all and only made me feel weak.

So, yesterday, I forced down this burger which I really didn't want to eat. It was some chicken thing with some kind of avocado sauce (I tried to take a stab at being healthy there) but it was AWFUL.

Quick question: what's worse than a zero nutrition/high calorie food?
Answer: A zero nutrition/high calorie food that you don't really want to eat!

In other words, I'm eating all this stuff and not even enjoying it! Sigh...I think I'm going to crawl under the blanket now....

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