Monday, January 21, 2008

The short end of the (ugly) stick

Everybody knows that in a man's world, a woman's place is, at best, a close second. This is why we have the feminist movement and various other movements advocating equal rights for women. Have you ever heard of a 'masculinist movement' advocating equal rights for the male of the species? They don't exist for a reason!

My point is, glass ceilings and lower pay for the same work are not the only glaring points in the battle for equality. I think the most obvious injustice is something that stares us right in the face and that is - the face. By this, I mean beauty - the superficial kind.

Have you ever wondered why there are far more couples made up of an ugly (for want of a better word) man with a beer gut and a beautiful woman with a rocking bod rather than the other way around? If you haven't noticed, pay attention the next time you walk down the street and you'll see what I mean.

There are, of course, couples who are equally good looking or ugly depending on how you perceive it but I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the ones who are vastly separated by the Great Divide in the Looks Department and I believe if that is the case, the woman is almost always better looking than the man.

In the early 90s when Roseanne was a hit show, her co-star, John Goodman, was reportedly featured in Playgirl because he was considered sexy. J-o-h-n G-o-o-d-m-a-n. If you don't know who I'm talking about here he is:

If everything were equal then Roseanne should have had a spread in Playboy but I think Hugh Hefner would sooner date just one woman at a time than allow Roseanne anywhere near Playboy!

Calling people ugly sounds cruel so I feel compelled to explain. I'm not referring to what an individual was blessed with when they were born…I'm talking about the effort that's put into appearing attractive. It's not what you have it's what you DO with what you have.

After all, - we women live in a world that not only values but rewards beauty so I don't see why men aren't subjected to the same rules. Women tweeze, pluck, wax, shave, botox, manicure, file, perm, straighten, mask, remove, glue on, polish, trim, diet, exercise and scrub ourselves into oblivion just to look presentable. Men tend to wake up in the morning, s**t, shower, shave and they're ready to go. What's worse is that the world in general finds this cosmic discrepancy between the sexes acceptable.

So, the pretty, primped girls end up getting the short end of the (ugly) stick because they're trailing around a man who looks like he's been hit with one.

Why is this so? Is it because of that popular theory (no doubt spread by a man) that men are superficial creatures and are therefore helpless souls who are slaves to their genetic attraction to outer beauty?

Anyone who is familiar with the Indian matchmaking process would tell you that a man who is darker than the bottom of a charcoal bin will inevitably demand that his family find him a bride who is whiter than bleached snow (hence the immense popularity of Fair and Lovely among Indian girls).

Let me make it abundantly clear that I do NOT in any way think that a dark complexion is ugly and a pale one beautiful but the truth of the matter is that many other people in the world do. This means that, once again, men insist on and get what they believe to be the better-looking option.

Women are said to be compassionate and deep-thinking creatures which means that we take the time and the trouble to get to know the man hidden beneath the pimply face and big belly. Well, all that is well and good but I've never understood why the pretty women don't just hold out for a man who is nice and also fairly easy on the eye. I'm not talking about someone who like Johnny Depp with a heart likeMother Theresa's but I'm talking about a nice guy who doesn't look like John Goodman's obese cousin.

Another prevailing argument is that women are basically gold-diggers and settle for someone who looks like a hyena's rear end because his pockets are deep and overflowing with the all powerful $$.

I don't buy this as a generic truth. Not all women are gold-diggers and not all gold-diggers are women. I think the ladies are just selling themselves short by tolerating unattractive men who are too lazy to lose their beer guts and apply pimple cream. Men almost never sell themselves short and the ones who do are exceptions that prove the rule.

Since we're always going on about equality between the sexes, let's take it all the way. Let's not put up with dirty fingernails, beer bellies and unkempt hair. Men certainly don't tolerate oily hair, pimply faces and big guts - well, not in women anyway!

All this might sound superficial but it's more significant than it seems. It would do us good to emulate what men seem to do effortlessly - hold ourselves in high esteem. Then we'll find that we're surrounded by what we truly want and deserve in our lives!

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