Thursday, February 21, 2008

The 6 Million Dollar Babies

I just heard on E! news that Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony's unborn babies stand to earn their parents a cool USD6 million. This is just so some publication ( I didn't quite catch which one but that's not the point) can get to feature the Anthony/Lopez twins' pictures before anyone else does.

I think there's something horribly wrong with the world when celebrities are offered money just because they have managed to procreate successfully.

Perhaps it's the fact that I'm feeling tired and irritable right now(I didn't manage to sleep well last night) or it could be that I'm in the mood to perch on my moral high horse but I was honestly disturbed and rather annoyed to hear about this latest, ridiculous, celebrity deal.

I know the photos will help sell more mags/tabloids or whatever but give me a break! That money could help save the harimau from extinction or perhaps it could help save starving children. Heck - USD 6 mil can pretty much help save anything.

It hasn't been made clear if Lopez/Anthony are planning to pocket the cash but something tells me they probably will.

I don't envy these celebrity kids. When they sit down and think about it (which they inevitably will do one day) they'll be forced grapple with the fact that their parents used them to add to already overflowing bank accounts.

To be fair though, not everyone is just plain greedy and/or devoid of principles. Angelina and Brad's baby Shiloh earned her parents USD4mil but the money was reportedly donated to African children's charities.

I hope J.Lo does something similar (although I think the best scenario would be for these filthy rich celebrities to refuse payment and just donate their own money to charity like the rest of us!)

Children deserve to be loved and protected by their parents; not exposed to the whole world for a fee. If J. Lo and Mark Anthony end up being paid for their babies' pictures and then keep the money for themselves - I'll think of them as nothing more than people who 'sell' their babies and that's nothing less than disgusting!

I'm disappointed in you, J.Lo. You lied when you told us "My Love Don't Cost a Thing" Looks like your motherly love costs about USD6million.

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